Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Celebrity Big Brother Starts Tonight: Long live #CBB

So in less than ten minutes, for the 20th year running, Big Brother will open it's doors and I for one cannot wait. It's SUCH a guilty pleasure but i'll admit, I'm a CBB addict.

Who do we think is going in? 

I caught a quick glimpse today of Kim Woodburn, (a friend of mine who I thought was absolutely bloody brilliant on last year's show) on ITV1's This Morning talking about the rumours.  One of the name's she confirmed was none other than Paul Danan, former Hollyoaks actor.

Now, you may or may not know, in a past life I was a professional actress and one of the reasons I love Celebrity Big Brother is because I have worked with, know through friends or have simply met once in passing A LOT of the contestants. Therefore, I find it extremely interesting to watch them in the house and see if they are indeed themselves, or play up for the cameras. I should add, if they do put on an act I don't find that to be offensive at all, they are performers, that's how they make their money!

And so... back to Paul Danan. I have met him only once and once, I have to say, was more than enough. I'll mention this was a few years back so hopefully old Paul has had a makeover and perhaps a personality transplant, we'll soon find out. The experience as you may have guessed was not a great one. If you want to hear about it I'll post at the bottom because now we need to look at who is going in! 

Other rumoured contestants are:

  • Sarah Harding - could be a loose canon, could bore us silly
  • Shaun Williamson - my guess is he'll be the good guy and a calming influence, everyone's mate
  • Jemma Lucy - who?
  • Derek Acorah - I feel this is clutching at straws BB? But surely he'll be eccentric if nothing else
  • Amelia Lily - hmm x factor, might be a bit too 'normal' for the house
  • Paul Danan - I think I covered that above... think Stephen Bear
  • Jordan Davies - sorry I'm 30... again who?
  • Helen Lederer - Legend. Ab Fab - say no more
  • Brandi Glanville - Ohh God I'm torn. LOVE real housewive of Beverly Hills. Hated Brandi Glanville.
  • Chad Johnson - An american reality star, they always go down well
  • Trisha Paytas - A fellow youtuber so of course I'm going to support that all day. Don't know her from Adam.
  • Sam Thompson - made in chelsea, totes
  • Marissa Jade - Mob Wives baby, loved Renee last year so looking forward to her
  • Sandi Bogle - If you don't know her from gogglebox, where have you been, I think she will be brilliant, favourite to win for me.
  • Rosanna Davison - No clue who this girl is but she's gorge and we need a bit of pretty
  • Karthik Nagesan - Karthik!!!!!! Apprentice contestant, the one show I love more than CBB
I'd say sounds like an interesting line up this year guys! Get watching, let me know what you think. I'm off to get a brew!

** Paul Danan - While working on pantomime in Preston, he was booked to play Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk, a good casting you may think seeing as he's a bit of a 'Jack the lad' but nope, he's just Paul... I'll just leave this article here....

METRO 2007

Although, looking back the story is quite hilarious, at the time, when there was a line of small children ready for their performance dressed as mini santas looking on, Paul Danan's outburst exclaiming he 'didn't want to look like a T*#t!!' in answer to why he wasn't in costume, it did not go down well. So there's just a snippet for you on my opinion of him... maybe by the end I'll love him, who knows?! That's the great thing about Big Brother, everything can change.

All the opinions above are just that, opinions. Not fact but honest.

Monday, 15 February 2016

You'll have no excuse to forget anything, ever again!

So here's something you may or may not know about me.... I have never, ever, remembered to put my bins out.

This may not seem like a big deal to you. To me (and no doubt to my long suffering partner) it is a very big deal. Should there be some reason I am left in charge of putting our bins out, you can guarantee no matter how many notes I leave myself around the house, it will not get done. The rubbish piles up and we have to wait two weeks to get rid of it or go take it down the dump ourselves, which all could be avoided if I just rememberes to put them out for the bin men.

My forgetfulness is not limited to only bins. I forget birthdays, appointments, to put the washing out to dry, the list is endless but here's the good news.. If you, like me, are a forgetter, help is at hand. A brand new app called 'must remember that'.. Funny really seeing as I probably should get that phrase tattooed on my forehead!

Created by two very busy, football coaching dad's this app will not only remind you of important dates and times, it can actually save you money. One of 'must remember that's' features is it will provide alternative quotes when things like your car insurance cover is coming to an end, helping you avoid staying with the same provider and paying a higher fee simply because you've left it too late to look elsewhere.

The app is connected to the accompanying anyone website where you can fill out your details online.

Check them out and see what you think. I think any help with my forgetfulness is very welcome! No doubt my partner would wholeheartedly say the same!

What's the worst thing you've forgotten? I'd love to hear it. Comment you stories below.

Thanks for reading...

Tara xx
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*this is a sponsored post. I only accept sponsored posts that have relevance to my blog and I feel my readers would appreciate. You can read more about this on my disclaimer page.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Free Opinions!! : Advice from a Neutral Perspective

I have had an epiphany! It may fail miserably, it may help someone that needs it, so here goes....

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by people and relationships. The way their minds work, the little patterns in behaviour, right and wrong and how opinion affects that. For years friends have asked my advice on life decisions and / or problems because they feel (I'm told) that they can trust me for an honest answer... whether it's what they want to hear or not.

I've spent endless hours listening to almost every problem you could think of and I've come to realise, I am never bored of giving my opinion. No matter how big or small a problem is, I seem to have some kind of straight talking (cough) wisdom, to throw into the mix!

And so I thought I would try opening that up to the world wide web! I can't promise I will always be right... what is 'right' anyway, its all opinion! I don't have a degree in Psychology but I have watched 1000's of episodes of Judge Judy!!!

But in all seriousness... what I can promise you, is an honest view of someone outside of your situation. Whether it's settling an argument or finding a solution to a problem, or if you just fancy talking to someone and blowing off some steam... write to me at tarawemail@gmail.com .

An example of my style/take on things, here's an advisory blog post I've written in the past http://bit.ly/1YEQbFa

Your problem and my answer will be shown on this blog, however, it can be anonymous upon request. I'm actually playing with the idea of making them all anonymous, but we'll iron out that detail later.

Give it a try, there's nothing to lose and you are under no obligation to take my advice!! Always remember, it's just an opinion, not fact. You are the only person in your actual situation living your life, so if what I say doesn't feel right, go with your instinct. However, sometimes I think even hearing someone else's view and deciding its not what you want to do, can helo you get things clearer in your head of what you do want!

So, I can't wait to hear from you, no problem too big.... or small

Speak soon hopefully!

Tara FrostedPlanet xXx
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I've just entered the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

An Idiot's Guide to Owning Your Blog Domain

Right, let's start with.... for a blogger, I'm an absolute fail on the tech front! If you want to know about SEO, code, web hosting etc... I don't even know what any of them mean, let alone what I should do about them.

After reading the Facebook group wall of a blogger group, I realised that if I wanted to work with more brands, companies and other successful bloggers, I needed a DA (whatever that is!) of at least 15+ (again, not a clue).  I scrambled about trying to find out what mine was, only to realise that because my blog is hosted by Blogger, I can't have my own unique DA. This was a little bit of a blow seeing as all my work thus far did not count towards it but I realised I needed to sort out my own domain ASAP.

If you , like me, feel lost in a sea of tech savvy bloggers then this mini guide is for you. It won't solve all of your problems but if I could get my own website up and running you can too!

1.Buy a Domain - It's Not Expensive!

Had I known how cheap it was to have my own domain I would have bought a long time ago! I bought mine through GoDaddy that happened to be having a sale, I picked an available domain, paid £1.99 and voila!! www.tarasfrostedplanet.com was born!

2. Point it Towards Your Blog

Now if like me, you thought buying the domain would be the end of it, you, like me, are very very wrong. You then have to direct your blog to that domain. GoDaddy has guides for this (you can google it for Wordpress also) and I used one of them but let me tell you this.... it is written in terms that are probably very straight forward to some people. To me, I was utterly confused. Here;s a super secret tip. The instructions seem to ask for things you have no idea about e.g. Edit the www CNAME record for the domain name - Er, what is a CNAME when it's at home???
The key is to have the actual website window open at the same time. Every overcomplicated thing they ask you to edit is written right there in front of your eye balls, so it's not actually as complicated as you think. This is the guide I used for Blogger 'Map Your Domain' If you have any problems at all just comment below and I'll try to help you out.

Bob's your uncle! You now (or within 48 hours) should have a fully functioning domain that shows your blog pages.

I'm planning on doing some research into improving my DA and SEO although I still have no clue of either. when I do get the hang of it, I'll be sure to pass on my knowledge to any other technophobes like myself!

Hope this helped guys! Any tips you have for me let me know!

Tara xXx
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Top 5 Apps Every New Youtuber Needs When Starting Out!

Recently being back from a sunny summer holiday.... this week I have found myself with a renewed vigor for all things Youtube! I have to admit, with all of this year's changes I have neglected my channel and yet it has kept itself ticking over, steadily climbing in subscribers (currently 546) and views (currently around 9,000 per month).....

This is a far cry from how things were when I first started out, you can slog for hours working on videos and social media just to scrape together a few views and one or two subscribers. So I thought, I should give back a little and give all you brand new vloggers and gurus, just starting out. With some super secret startup advice to catapult you a bit further along the food chain.... cutting down a bit on all of the trial and error you have to go through.

Before I start, I should point out, I am not an expert, nor am I massively successful, I have made money on youtube but definitely nowhere near enough to give up the day job. I do think that's mostly down to me not having enough time to dedicate to it, if you have lots of time and enjoy what you're doing you certainly can easily become more successful than me with some help from thes great Apps I've discovered along the way...