Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Revamping My Blog!!

I have a confession to make...

I am finding it harder and harder these days to get my creative head on and write posts for my blog. All I have done so far, I have absolutely loved but I'll admit... the love has gone for me in the past few months.

I've come to the realisation that this is because, my life has changed course so drastically in the last year, the content of frosted planet doesn't relate to my life anymore. And so, I've come to the conclusion that I have changed, and therefore my blog should change. I realise this may lose me a lot of readers, I realise those who have followed me so far, do so for a certain style of content, but this blog is more personal to me than pumping out posts that don't reflect my life, thoughts or personality.

That doesn't mean I won't be uploading the occasional beauty, fashion or lifestyle post, I'm a girly girl, trained in beauty therapy and still have favourite products and opinions etc. But here is how my life has changed recently...

September last year I met my current partner Peter. He has a beautiful daughter (aged 5 at the time) which in itself was a big culture shock to me. I have never dated anyone with a child before, I love kids but it definitely made me evaluate how seriously I felt about him very early on... and I decided I was definitely serious. Which lead to....

After an earlier break up I had spent almost a year living back home with my parents. I cherished this time with them as an  adult and I'm glad I got to spend such an intense period with them because Peter is based in Leeds. With his daughter already in school there and the distance becoming a bit of a problem, we decided it would be best I moved too. We now have a house together and just had a huge housewarming party this weekend which was fantastic. No doubt I'll be uploading a post on that soon. But of course living together has brought the biggest change of all...

From my mum doing all my cooking and cleaning to me now washing uniforms and helping with homework. It has been difficult to adjust to my new role, not a mum, not even a step mum really, but having my actions directly affect a growing, impressionable little person has been both terrifying and amazing. I'm learning as I go and trying my very best. I'm very lucky she is such a lovely, loving little girl. Which probably means this blog may take on a few child related subjects in the near future too!

Moving city has not been that much of a stretch work wise as I am now a self employed singer and actress. My acting career has taken an upward turn this year and although I haven't really spoken about it before, I feel comfortable now opening up a little more about it and so I will be letting you guys know things coming up that I will be in and things I have done in the past. My most recent appearance was in Coronation Street this May, which was a great experience.
UPDATE: Another big change.... I now am back in the salon part time. All the stars aligned and I kind of just fell into it. It's lovely as it's not many hours but I still get to keep my hand in and make some new friends in the area!

Moving to Leeds means that I am completely starting from scratch. Work wise, everything I do is freelance and so I don't get the opportunity to make friends with work colleagues. Therefore, I 'm going to be trying a few new things in an attempt to start building a little life here. I'm also looking into maybe starting my own business and meeting people that way, eg teaching dance or holding dance competitions. I'm one of those people that always has ideas for new ventures everyday, whether they stick or not is another thing entirely!!

And so, I hope this shows you why I will now be changing the style of my content, and probably my target audience etc.

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Youtube channel wise it's more than likely some of this new content will seep in too but I will also keep doing beauty videos there.

Hope you guys are still interested and I'm very excited to share my new life with you all!

All my love

Frosted Planet xXx
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