Sunday, 13 September 2015

An Idiot's Guide to Owning Your Blog Domain

Right, let's start with.... for a blogger, I'm an absolute fail on the tech front! If you want to know about SEO, code, web hosting etc... I don't even know what any of them mean, let alone what I should do about them.

After reading the Facebook group wall of a blogger group, I realised that if I wanted to work with more brands, companies and other successful bloggers, I needed a DA (whatever that is!) of at least 15+ (again, not a clue).  I scrambled about trying to find out what mine was, only to realise that because my blog is hosted by Blogger, I can't have my own unique DA. This was a little bit of a blow seeing as all my work thus far did not count towards it but I realised I needed to sort out my own domain ASAP.

If you , like me, feel lost in a sea of tech savvy bloggers then this mini guide is for you. It won't solve all of your problems but if I could get my own website up and running you can too!

1.Buy a Domain - It's Not Expensive!

Had I known how cheap it was to have my own domain I would have bought a long time ago! I bought mine through GoDaddy that happened to be having a sale, I picked an available domain, paid £1.99 and voila!! was born!

2. Point it Towards Your Blog

Now if like me, you thought buying the domain would be the end of it, you, like me, are very very wrong. You then have to direct your blog to that domain. GoDaddy has guides for this (you can google it for Wordpress also) and I used one of them but let me tell you this.... it is written in terms that are probably very straight forward to some people. To me, I was utterly confused. Here;s a super secret tip. The instructions seem to ask for things you have no idea about e.g. Edit the www CNAME record for the domain name - Er, what is a CNAME when it's at home???
The key is to have the actual website window open at the same time. Every overcomplicated thing they ask you to edit is written right there in front of your eye balls, so it's not actually as complicated as you think. This is the guide I used for Blogger 'Map Your Domain' If you have any problems at all just comment below and I'll try to help you out.

Bob's your uncle! You now (or within 48 hours) should have a fully functioning domain that shows your blog pages.

I'm planning on doing some research into improving my DA and SEO although I still have no clue of either. when I do get the hang of it, I'll be sure to pass on my knowledge to any other technophobes like myself!

Hope this helped guys! Any tips you have for me let me know!

Tara xXx
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Top 5 Apps Every New Youtuber Needs When Starting Out!

Recently being back from a sunny summer holiday.... this week I have found myself with a renewed vigor for all things Youtube! I have to admit, with all of this year's changes I have neglected my channel and yet it has kept itself ticking over, steadily climbing in subscribers (currently 546) and views (currently around 9,000 per month).....

This is a far cry from how things were when I first started out, you can slog for hours working on videos and social media just to scrape together a few views and one or two subscribers. So I thought, I should give back a little and give all you brand new vloggers and gurus, just starting out. With some super secret startup advice to catapult you a bit further along the food chain.... cutting down a bit on all of the trial and error you have to go through.

Before I start, I should point out, I am not an expert, nor am I massively successful, I have made money on youtube but definitely nowhere near enough to give up the day job. I do think that's mostly down to me not having enough time to dedicate to it, if you have lots of time and enjoy what you're doing you certainly can easily become more successful than me with some help from thes great Apps I've discovered along the way...