Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Top 5 Apps Every New Youtuber Needs When Starting Out!

Recently being back from a sunny summer holiday.... this week I have found myself with a renewed vigor for all things Youtube! I have to admit, with all of this year's changes I have neglected my channel and yet it has kept itself ticking over, steadily climbing in subscribers (currently 546) and views (currently around 9,000 per month).....

This is a far cry from how things were when I first started out, you can slog for hours working on videos and social media just to scrape together a few views and one or two subscribers. So I thought, I should give back a little and give all you brand new vloggers and gurus, just starting out. With some super secret startup advice to catapult you a bit further along the food chain.... cutting down a bit on all of the trial and error you have to go through.

Before I start, I should point out, I am not an expert, nor am I massively successful, I have made money on youtube but definitely nowhere near enough to give up the day job. I do think that's mostly down to me not having enough time to dedicate to it, if you have lots of time and enjoy what you're doing you certainly can easily become more successful than me with some help from thes great Apps I've discovered along the way...

1 VideoShow: Video Editor and Maker

This app is a Godsend.  You've spent a good few hours working out how and where to film, the lighting, the sound, the topics, after the 4th attempt you think the hard work is over. WRONG! One of the most time consuming things with creating videos is... THE EDITING! Especially, when you first start. You have no clue of how to do it, it take decades to even upload the file to your laptop (if you have one) If you don't happen to have a MAC computer you have inferior software to work with and all you want to do is share your first video! First of all breathe.... if you have filmed on your smartphone... which is how most people start out, videoshow (and there are similar apps available this is just my favourite) let's you upload the clips to the app in whatever order, add in photos, create a voiceover, has music ready to overlay, pretty much everything you could need or want when you're trying to get a video up quickly and with reasonable quality for an app. I used it recently when uploading a very last minute packing video here:

I am a complete technophobe and I found it so easy to use.... give it a try, get a few videos up and play around with different styles and what viewers respond to.... you can always take them down at a later date once you've found your way with computer editing.

2. Instagram

You may or may not already have this but if not, get it. Open a new account specifically for your channel if you would prefer not to use your personal one. It is no good having amazing, interesting videos and content if no one knows it is there! Getting your name out there is number one priority before anything else, even your content (I am not saying post bad content) I personally think Instagram is the number one form of social media to work hand in hand with Youtube as it is so visual. There are literally millions of youtube fans already on there posting pictures of their idols so your audience is built in if you can tap into them. Google instagram guides for getting new followers, the internet is littered with them but I would recommend, posting about other youtubers that have inspired you, along with pictures you find interesting or beautiful mixed in with a few screenshots of your videos asking people to come take a look. You can also post 15 seconds of video on there so you can show a teaser of your new post. Hashtags mean people with the same interests can actually find you. Perfect!

3. Crowdfire

Love Love Love this App!! Tying in with Instagram, it lets you manage both your Instagram and Twitter accounts. As you can see you can see all of your followers, everyone you follow that doesn't follow you back and everyone that has recently unfollowed you. You can also schedule messages throughout the day so that you don't have to keep updating constantly. But the best features of all are absolutely crucial when promoting your channel!
a) It let's send automated direct messages on Twitter to any new followers
    eg. hi there, thank you so much for following! Tell me something about yourself...
A great way to engage with your audience and you can even link to your channel or latest video.
b) It has a 'copy followers' feature. This means you can put in the name of any account and it will bring up people that follow them that you can then follow and engage with. 
    eg if you have a cooking channel, you can enter the name of someone similar and follow their followers.... you already know they're interested in similar content. Sneaky!

4. Hootsuite

Similar to Crowdfire but manages Twitter and Instagram. It doesn't have the same sneaky features but it does let you schedule posts and has a great automatic schedule feature, which picks the best time of day to post for you based on when most people are active. One thing that Hootsuite has over Crowdfire is, you can set up streams to view certain tweets or hashtags.
eg. there is a twitter chat for bloggers to chat and swap links etc called fblchat. You just set up a stream to only show the search fblchat or #fblchat and it is a permanent search bringing up all of those tweets and keeping you in the loop. This is very important. Your relationship with your peers and colleagues can really boost your channel as their folowers will spot them tweeting you and perhaps take a look at your profile too.... they might even give you a shoutout.

5. Pixlr/PicMonkey

Any good collage or photo app will do but these are my favourite. In fact Pic Monkey is a website not an app but let's not split hairs! Every good video needs a good thumbnail. Getting that all important click I'm sorry to say, is all about appearances. People definitely judge a book by it's cover here. Creating a great, colourful image that stands out is paramount, especially as you will be using it to promote your video through all of your social media. Spend a bit of extra time on this as without it, your hard work promoting on social media and creating your video can be a bit of a waste!

So...... I hope that was helpful! Any other youtube questions you may have just let me know... maybe I could create a little mini series.

Speak to you all soon my lovelies

Tara xXx


  1. I am wanting to start up a YouTube channel soon, if I ever get the time to fit it in!! I will definitely be referring back to this when I do! :) xx

    1. Haha, it's so much fun. First video is the hardest but you will love it! xx

  2. Great post! I've got a personal youtube channel but have been thinking of getting a blog one started, I've downloaded some of these apps to help, thank you for the great info!