Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Are you a "good enough" Mum? || What makes a good Mother and Parent?

Hey Mama,

It's that age old question we ask ourselves relentlessly, whether we know it or not.... am I good enough?

Every Mother worth her salt has felt overwhelmed, guilty and to put it simply, rubbish as a mother. I don't care who you are, what your situation, how brilliant everyone may tell you you are, there have been times where you have felt less than the mother your child deserves.
I'm here to tell you that's OK and I'll explain why in the live video I did over on my Facebook Page.
If you really want an example of a time I tried my hardest and STILL didn't feel good enough, here goes...

My son Theo is now a toddler but in the early days of weaning, he was a VERY fussy eater, in fact all he would eat was cauliflower cheese! (side note who else loves cauliflower cheese?) After a while I stopped cooking anything from scratch for him that was any different because he would refuse point blank. A month or so in, I noticed that most of my friends children, did not seem to have the same problem - I'd thought his fussiness was "normal" before then and suddenly... the mum guilt took over. I decided to cook him an all organic, from scratch baby style meal and......he ate every bite! I felt like the worst Mother ever, I'd given up trying too early and the poor lad had been living on milk and cauliflower cheese!

I vowed to be a better mum and with that in mind I did the biggest supermarket sweep down the organic aisle you've ever seen! Armed myself with some Annabel Karmel recipes* and spent a full Sunday meal prepping for the week for my little spud. I was going to be the BEST MUM EVER.
Day 1... the spud refused his meal. Day 2.... refused again. Day 3.... you get where this is headed! Basically the full week he refused his dinner and was so stressed from me trying to get him to try it he even refused his cauliflower cheese!!! Theo was now on a diet of grapes, Farley's rusks* and toast.
The moral of the story girls.... you can half arse things, you can try your absolute best, you can't do either of them all of the time. It's a balance. Every mummy has her own style, every little one has their own personality. All you can do is what feels right in the moment. Research what you can but mostly follow your instincts. As long as you have good intentions the rest will follow... and I bet our mum's mums fed their babies a lot worse than cauliflower cheese!

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