Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Mum's making time for self care! How do you squeeze in some "me time?"

Hey Mama,

So if you want to be the best Mum you can possibly be, you have GOT to look after yourself and looking after yourself means having having time for you. Time to just chill and recharge, get some perspective away from kids cartoons and snot bubbles and maybe just do something we want to do instead of constantly serving our little angels. Deep down I know you know this but do you actually do it?

"When?! There's no time, I don't even have time for sleep!" I hear you cry... that no doubt is very true. As mothers, our main resource shortage (other than naps) is time. So I'm going to suggest NET time, a phrase I learnt from Life Coach, Tony Robbins. NET time = No Extra Time time. By planning your activities ahead can you get in some time for you? Arrange activities that both you and your child can benefit from.

That book you've been dying to read with your favourite piece of chocolate... take it into the waiting room during your child's ballet/sports class! Wish you had time for the gym... have you tried a mummy and me style class? eg Mummyfit UK etc. Take them to museum you've never been to and learn something new together. That's just a few ideas for your NET time, basically get creative and try not to get stuck in a rut of the same old places... your little one may love it but softplay for the tenth weekend in a row will turn mummy's brain to mush!

Obviously, where you can, delegate. Book a babysitter for a couple of hours and go and watch a movie that doesn't contain the word "selfie" , arrange a sleepover and have a date night, get a massage - whatever lights you up. It's only an hour away!!

For me, when I'm planning NET time, the easiest thing I can do that both Theo and I enjoy is go shopping. When Peter has meetings in neighbouring cities, we catch a lift with him and go to new shopping centres. Theo loves being in the pram and people watching and I like pretty things. I vlogged one of our shopping trips to the Trafford Centre, Manchester over on my Youtube channel. Go take a look, you may even spot Peter on there!

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