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So what am I all about? I started posting videos on Youtube a long time ago, and to be honest, it was quite simply... just for the hell of it! I wanted to try something fun and different, I never really intended for anyone to watch, but people did!

Slowly but surely as I grow my channel, I'm finding ways to really connect with you and have realised I have quite a lot of experience in things people want to know about! I've trained and worked as a professional beauty therapist and make up artist, I've worked as a television actress for 15 years... (26 years if you count the film I was in when I was 4!)

Now as I enter my latest adventure, becoming a Mum and Stepmum all in the space of a year, I'm finding I'm getting more questions than ever!

So in answer to the first question, What am I all about? The answer is, I'm all about you. Please comment on videos, find me on Facebook or Instagram, or just send me over an email!

Business Enquiries: tarawemail@gmail.com

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